Passion for Support, Volunteering at Support Forum and things that I learned by doing.

Reached one thousand replies at Forum as a Volunteer.

I have been Volunteering on Forums since last one year, I am very glad that I have reached the milestone of one thousand replies. It’s really nice to give back to the community, you can check my profile here:

Know Why you’re doing what you are doing?

I had learned how to make customers happy by making those replies, that taught me how to be a good support Volunteer. I had worked in support for two years in a nationwide company in India which provides Mobile recharges and Mobile payments, as a “Customer Care” executive I use to receive Inbound calls (voice), Live Chat & Email support that time I use to reply the retailers who are using that Mobile Recharge software through Andriod App and Website so that’s how I got the passion.

If you know a little bit about, and you’ve extra time you can try Volunteer at Forum, now you can ask me how that can help yourself?

It can help you in many ways, that will help you to learn the Customer Support for free. It helps to support your site or blog are just two examples, and you don’t feel alone while replying to those forum threads because there’s is always a Staff or Happiness Engineers to review those and correct you if you’re going wrong, and I do want to mention those veteran Volunteers and Moderators that are really helpful and they don’t scare you.

If you’re impressed by my post then you might obviously think to start Volunteering on Forums.

Here’s what all you need, passion for customer support or you think you can learn something from volunteering, you are able to support your site by doing so remember that. And if you wish to work with then you are advised to work on Forums before applying for Happiness Engineer position, you can check the work with us page.

Awesome folks at they call themselves at “Automatticans”, has created a document which will help you to get started, you can find it Volunteers resource guide..

And that’s all about Volunteering at Forums, there’s too, Volunteering at Forums helps in a similar way, I have also previously made a post on Support Forum Team orientation¬†which you might like reading.

If you stay tuned by following my blog post you’ll be also receiving similarly notification post about Volunteering at Forums.


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