One word Polish

The word “Polish” has different meanings people from Poland are called Polish. another meaning is shiny, smooth. so here I am going to write about how to polish your writing skills. I am not a professional writer still I learned to write using this Daily Prompt initiative by If you are new to learn […]

Trace – reading makes everything traceable

Trace again it has several meanings “Find someone”, “discover” or “Trace means to draw or write something” so here’s my article about trace. What I have Traced over the internet. I have tried to do many things discovered good and bad things. If you have to learn something find it on the internet do yourself […]

Buff- attractive or muscular

Have you ever wondered about becoming Buff ? Buff according to has several meanings as some people use it as slang that means attractive or muscular toned body it can be boy or girl. If you want to get yourself buffed up here’s what you can do. Maintain yourself my having regularly by doing […]

Radiate – Go with the flow

What does the radiate mean extend, spread, or move like rays or radii from a center. emit rays, as of light or heat; irradiate. Source: Well, what I think is we should always go with the flow and become an early adopter of new technologies so you have very good benefits of […]

Infuse and Soak – knowledge from WordPress open source community

Howdy, On occasion on WordPress 14th anniversary. JaiWP- Mumbai Style. What can you Infuse by going to the Wordcamp,Meetups , conferences? I usually attend meetups and conferences… The reason behind that is to learn something and then earn something it depends on you what to soak, some people attend conferences to learn and earn eventually […]

One word Reprieve

Some peoples do wrong things so can they be Reprieved? let’s say a man or women who has been accused of some crime they didn’t commit, Is there any chance for getting him reprieved from it. I don’t have a lot to write about it but still writing it as I want to keep my […]