Install your favorite apps on Ubuntu via command line.

Here are some of my favorite Apps which I use on Ubuntu Linux: (You just need to open the terminal and, then type the commands to install those apps.)  Installing Chromium “Chrome Browser”Command: sudo snap install chromium Installing Slack: Command: sudo snap install slack –classic                       Installing […]

The first experience to attend the group call on Zoom, by joining Support Driven Book Club.

I had a chance to attend a Zoom conference call for the first time, as a part of Support Driven – book Club, Support Driven is a community for people who are passionate about customer support. Learn more about Support Driven at Recently, they have started with a book club, where we together discuss […]

My notes support team orientation notes for feb 2018.

Hey folks, its Vishal here! I just received an email notification from the WordPress dot org support team about “April 5th Support Team Meeting summary”, they have regular weekly slack meetings and then publish the meeting notes, what caught my attention is “Support Team Volunteer Orientation program” as I am interested in Volunteering on Support […]

One word Polish

The word “Polish” has different meanings people from Poland are called Polish. another meaning is shiny, smooth. so here I am going to write about how to polish your writing skills. I am not a professional writer still I learned to write using this Daily Prompt initiative by If you are new to learn […]

Buff- attractive or muscular

Have you ever wondered about becoming Buff ? Buff according to has several meanings as some people use it as slang that means attractive or muscular toned body it can be boy or girl. If you want to get yourself buffed up here’s what you can do. Maintain yourself my having regularly by doing […]